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Autumn 2020

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The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that many employers have had to adjust the way their employees work and the day to day operation of their companies and offices.

Working from home brings with it additional challenges and expectations for employers and employees. For employees who are working in different countries or have just arrived it may lead to complex tax problems. The lengthy period of working from home has begun to affect employee engagement. Our partners have included several articles that are relevant for these complex problems. We will continue to help expats and companies in all phases of the journey they take when joining our region. 

Corine van der Ceelen
Manager Expat Centre Leiden

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The role of the Expat Centre Leiden in the region's knowledge economy 

The Expat Centre Leiden aims  to make international employment and life in Leiden and the greater region a successful experience.

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Expat Centre Leiden Survey 

Here at the Expat Centre we want to be able to do all we can to help you. To figure out the best way to help you and how to move forward we have created a short survey. If you have time please fill it out.   

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Coronavirus Information  

Coronavirus has affected a number of things regarding employment, find more information about this on our FAQs. You can find general information on out COVID-19 page.   

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The Leiden Convention Bureau has a new manager

Recently ECL manager, Corine van der Ceelen took over management of the Leiden Convention Bureau. Both internationally oriented units of Leiden Marketing are under her management.

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'Who Knows' to be the overarching theme of Leiden European City of Science 2022

Recently during a livestream the theme of Leiden European City of Science 2022 was announced. 

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Brexit Update

Brexit is around the corner, we are still unsure what the situation will be but, you and your employees need to prepare. Make sure everyone has the correct documentation.

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Employee Engagement in COVID-19

It is difficult to keep employees engaged while working from home, especially if they are new to the company and the country. 

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Hiring International graduates 

Are you interested in hiring recent graduates in the Netherlands? NUFFIC has recently published a report about this topic.  

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Leiden Bio Science Park of great relevance for the region

The Leiden Bio Science Park is of great importance to the region and to the Netherlands.

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Important points of attention for Dutch employers and employees working from home 

By HBK Expat Consultants - Corona has meant that many employees have to work from home and this means many things need to be considered. 

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Volunteer with i-DOE

By i-DOE - Get your employees more involved in the community by volunteering from home. Our partner i-DOE has many opportunities for volunteering.

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Working from Home: Identify the risks

By DeClercq - Due to Corona many have been forced to work from home. There are some legal and medical risks that employers should be aware of.  

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Your Employee Benefits Partners 

By Your Financials  - Many employers are considering strengthening their Employee Benefits to become the preferred work place for (international) talent. 

Webinar - Healthcare in the Netherlands

November 24th

Healthcare in the Netherlands may be different than what you're used to. To help your employees figure it out we are hosting a free webinar to answer all of your questions. 

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Webinar - What is LinkedIn Marketing? 

November 25th

Our partner, Hello Expat, is hosting a free webinar to help you gain insight into how to use social media in the core of your business.  

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Dutch Life Sciences Conference 

November 26th

The 16th edition of the Dutch Life Science conference will be held online this year. The conference aims to promote scientific innovation and exchanges of information.

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