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Spring 2020

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Due to COVID-19, we have adjusted the services of the Expat Center Leiden. Registrations are now conducted at the City Office (Stadskantoor) of the Municipality of Leiden, we answer questions via email instead of in person, and have postponed many events or replaced them with webinars.

Many companies now have to adjust their processes. Sometimes this is possible by working from home, but often it takes more drastic measures. Complex situations arise, especially in cases of global mobility, especially when employees have not yet travelled to the Netherlands. The Expat Centre Leiden has actively researched possibilities offered by the government and we share them on our website. The expat centers in the Netherlands share some solutions among themselves. On other solutions we can advise the companies because our partners have advice for international employees, freelancers or the company that employs them. In this corporate newsletter you will find signals from companies and knowledge institutes in the region, articles from our partners that are relevant to companies, a representation of trends as identified by us and an overview of the Expat Centre Leiden's services. We continue to help expats and companies in all phases of the journey the expat has in our region.

Corine van der Ceelen
Manager Expat Centre Leiden

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Services Offered by the Expat Centre Leiden

The Expat Centre Leiden offers services useful for every stage of the expat's life in the Netherlands, ranging from when they're considering moving to the Netherlands to moving on to their next chapter. You can find an overview in this report.

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The Impact of Coronavirus on International Employees in the Leiden Region

Corona has impacted us all. Here is a quick overview of the virus's impacts on the Leiden region and it's internationals at large. 

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The Leiden Region maps out economic insights into the corona crisis

19.7% of employment in the 071 area has come to an abrupt halt, and will not just "get back going" as soon as the government countermeasures have been lifted.

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Update Coronavirus Leiden region

If you have any questions about responses to the Coronavirus crisis, we have a useful webpage with links for employers and employees alike.

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Bilingual Primary School: The Leidse Houtschool 

There is an increasing demand for international schooling among new international staff members coming to the Leiden region. The Leidse Houtschool is rolling out it's bilingual programme to meet this demand.

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Potential tax and social security consequences of working at home.

By HBK expat consultants - Some of the corona measures taken by the Dutch government have immediate tax and social security consequences for your cross border employees.

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Are you allowed to dismiss an employee during the coronavirus crisis?

By RWV Advocaten - If you're an employer running a business, there's a good chance that you're going through troublesome times at the moment. You may have to put in a claim for wage relief under the government's NOW job retention scheme for employers.

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Innovative Language Courses for these Extraordinary Times

By The Square Mile - Are you interested in investing in your team's language skills during the coming period? The Square Mile provides language training at the LBSP and has developed a range of innovative programmes to meet the challenges we are currently facing.

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How to keep pregnant employees vital and productive? 

By BellyBuddy - Well-functioning employees are the oil that keeps the company going. And then a female employee becomes pregnant, or a male employee becomes a father...

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COVID-19 immigration measures

By LIMES international - LIMES has compiled remarks on the changed situations surrounding the Coronacrisis in a quick overview that might be useful to share with cross-border or new international hires.

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Education Partner: New2NL 

If your employees have further questions regarding education, consider directing them to New2NL. New2NL specialises in schooling and the Dutch education system, offering a variety of services for new arrivals and existing residents alike.

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YourFinancials: your Employee Benefits Partner

By YourFinancials - An increasing number of employers is consdiering strengthening their Employee Benefits (EB) offer to become or stay a preferred employer for it's workforce. EB can be an exceptionally powerful tool to distinguish employers from one another.

Meet & Mingle: Pubquiz

May 7th

We won't let the coronavirus stop us from coming together (online) and having a laugh at our online pubquiz. Share this virtual pubquiz with your employees!

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Our team

Our team consists of enthusiastic, international-minded professionals. Feel free to contact us for any questions, or if you'd like to set up a meeting with us.

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