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January 2023

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The first edition of the Expat Newsletter in 2023 highlights a variety of interesting and informative events, including our Welcome to Leiden information session, the Buzz Business networking event and the international Stand Up comedy event with headliners from Europe and the UK. In addition, this newsletter includes important information on the transformation of the Rijnsburger tunnel, changes to the 30% ruling and other legislative changes in 2023.

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We wish you a great 2023! 
Expat Centre Leiden Team

Human Capital Agenda LBSP

The Human Capital Agenda “Leiden Bio Science Park 2023-2028” outlines the expected increase in jobs in the largest innovation district in the Netherlands. Read about the agenda to meet the demand for talent and its six lines of action.

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Changes to the 30% ruling 

If you are eligible for the 30% ruling, beware of the coming changes. In this article, we outline who is eligible in the first place and what changes will be implemented in January 2023.

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January 2023 Regulation Changes

The 1st of January is one of the annual dates when rules and regulations in the Netherlands change. We put together an overview of the legislative changes affecting the tax for airline passengers, childcare benefits, and more.

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Transforming the Rijnsburger Tunnel

The Rijnsburger Tunnel, one of the most important tunnels in Leiden, is being transformed into a work of art. Anyone who feels connected to the LBSP or the Leiden city centre can submit an idea until January 8th!

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National Holidays in the Netherlands

Are you unsure about the National holidays in the Netherlands? Have a look at our website, with a list of all upcoming holidays.

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      © Andor Kranenburg    
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Subsidy for Dutch training 

By The Square Mile - Does your employer invest in Dutch training for its employees? If so, the government programme "Tel Mee Met Taal" provides co-financing for Dutch training with up to €1000 per participant. 

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Antecedents certificate: How important is it actually? 

By Everaert Advocaten - If you apply for a regular residence permit in the Netherlands, it is important to be aware of the antecedents certificate, what it is and what should be filled in on the certificate.
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New years resolutions

By Your Financials - Read about the financial developments of the past year, the effects on individual investors, and what to do if your savings were affected. 
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How to spot and stop scams in the Netherlands

By Jimble - With improved scamming methods worldwide, it is important to recognise scams wherever you are and take the necessary actions.
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Reflection as a New Year's resolution

By Rooted In Calm - Find out how reflection can positively influence all aspects of your life, from self-acceptance and sleep to reducing stress.
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How to set goals and targets to drive your business forward

By Blue Ninja  - Setting goals and targets is an important aspect of growing a business. Find out about six tips on how to set useful and achievable goals for your business.

Consultations Expat Mortgages starting 

Starting 12th January 

Looking for answers to all your mortgage related questions? Book a consultation with Fred van Maanen from Expat Mortgages for a one-to-one session tailored to your situation. 

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Welcome to Leiden Event 

25th January 

Are you new to the Leiden region? Then join our Welcome to Leiden information session, where we will provide you with all the important information to settle in.

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February Meet&Mingle 

2nd February  

Join us for the February edition of our Meet&Mingle in Leiden. It's the perfect opportunity to meet other internationals in the Leiden region. Our M&M are always free to take part in and registrations are already open!

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The Royal Dutch Scam – Things About Sting  

13th January 

Lo van Gorp, saxophonist and lead singer of the band The Royal Dutch Scam, will venture into the repertoire of Sting and The Police to captivate you.

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Entrepreneurial resilience - Buzz Business networking 

16th January

This month’s speaker at the networking event will be Vassia Sarantopoulou, who will provide information on the unhelpful habits of an entrepreneur.  

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International Stand Up comedy 

27th January 

Join Ria Lina and other amazing headliner from the UK and Europe for a great night of international comedy.

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Looking for more?

Don't forget to keep an eye on our events page! We frequently update it with recommendations for what to do as an international in the Leiden region. 

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