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October 2022

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Our October edition of the Expat Newsletter brings you a range of interesting articles and news updates, from what the new governmental budget could mean for you to the volunteering options available in the Leiden region. You can also find out more about the different exciting and informative events within the region, such as our regular Meet&Mingle, a webinar on adjusting to life in the Netherlands, and more! 

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ECL helpdesk for internationals

Do you have questions about how to register in The Netherlands, taxes, housing, legal services, or other matters that come with being an international in the Netherlands? You can get free help and advice from our helpdesk every Monday.

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Join our November Meet&Mingle!

Join Expat Centre Leiden during our Meet&Mingle next month on the 3rd of November! It's the perfect opportunity to meet other internationals in the Leiden region. The location will be announced soon, but registrations are already open! 

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Leiden experiences unique evening during Seeing Stars Leiden

On September 25th, people in the city of Leiden turned off their lights and looked to the stars as part of an art project by Daan Roosegaarde. Read more about what the event was like, and the importance of these kinds of initiatives today. 

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What could the Prinsjesdag budget mean for you?

The Dutch government announced its 2023 spending plans at the end of September. This has an affect on everything from taxes, benefits, and energy prices. Read here what this could mean for you. 

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Volunteers needed for Ukrainian Refugees

Incluzio is currently looking for volunteers who can help Ukrainian refugees in the Leiden area with language related assistance. Find out more about the different opportunities to volunteer.

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Everything you need to know about the next round of booster vaccinations 

By IamExpat - The Dutch government has announced that another round of booster vaccinations against Covid-19 will take place this autum. In this article you can find out more about getting your booster. 
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3 Questions to ask yourself to make a positive change in your life 

By Rooted in Calm - As many return to work, it is easy to get overwhelmed by looking at your agenda. However, there are three questions you can ask yourself to help provide clarity in overwhelming times. 
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Composite families require special attention 

By Your Financials - It is becoming increasingly common in The Netherlands that at least one child in a family is from a previous relationship of one partner. This article discuss what this means from a legal point of view. 

Expat Mortgages Consultations 

6th October - 8th November 

Are you thinking about buying property in the Netherlands? Then join the free bi-weekly consultation by Expat Mortgages. Fred van Maanen will answer your mortgage related questions.

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Story time 

15th October

BplusC will host a free multilingual reading session for children as part of Kinderboekenweek (children's books week). Several short stories will be told in Spanish, Papiamento and Portuguese.

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The Power of ADHD 

15th October

The symposium of The Power of ADHD will discuss the many aspects of ADHD and its powers that may contribute to society. 

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Communication tips to keep your cool 

13th & 16th October

Learn more about your own communication style and how you can manage stressful situations, whether at work or in your personal life in this workshop by Rooted in Calm. 

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Being an expat and integrating in Dutch culture 

24th October

Moving to The Netherlands can be strange and unsettling. Join Julie Taylor from Buzz Business Networking as she shares her experiences as an expat trailing spouse.

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Looking for more?

Keep an eye on our events and activities agenda! We frequently provide tips and recommendations for things to do around the Leiden region. 

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