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May 2022

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With the continued conflict in Ukraine and the new European Commission migration policies, there's a lot to stay updated on! As summer is approaching, the Leiden region is getting increasingly lively. In this edition of our expat newsletter, you can read about volunteering opportunities at ACCESS, BplusC’s intensive summer language courses, Rooted in Calm's mini-retreat and more!   

Read more about the best Instagram accounts to follow in the Netherlands and explore Museum Night in Leiden!

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Welcome to NL – Leiden Region

Read about Leiden's boundless charm on the brand-new Welcome to NL Leiden page! Welcome to NL provides a wealth of information about living and working in the Netherlands. 

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European Commission Announces New Migration Policy Initiative

The European Commission recently announced that it will be revamping its migration policies, easing the process for skilled migrants and labourers who seek to work and reside in the European Union (EU). Learn more about the specific changes here.

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Volunteering opportunities at ACCESS

Volunteering for ACCESS is a perfect opportunity to learn more about yourself, meet people, create a community, and give back. Interested? Find out how a current volunteer describes her experience at ACCESS here.
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Ukraine conflict help

Want to find out how you can help in your area? Or looking for support for arriving Ukrainians, including how to register for a BSN? Or interested in an event about how Ukrainians can find jobs in the area? Take a look here. 

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One hurdle less for making a gift

By Your Financials - Last week the Dutch Secretary of State for Finance issued a decision to remedy a not intended and unfair consequence of a tax rule related to gifting or an inheritance. 
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Process Management Can Be Your Secret Weapon – here’s how

By Blue Ninja - Organisations may face a variety of challenges in their effort to achieve their business goals. Learn how to ensure that your business will continue to thrive and grow here.
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Have you heard of the grow model?  

By Rooted in Calm - Sometimes when we set goals they are overly optimistic, other times they are unrealistic but maybe not in obvious ways. Learn more about the GROW model here. 
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Understanding Dutch (business) culture and society

By De Taaldienst - There are still times in which misunderstandings occur with the Dutch where the language barrier is not to blame. Find out how to overcome these misunderstandings in this article.
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Intensive summer courses at BplusC, Volksuniversiteit

By BplusC - BplusC is starting intensive summer courses for anyone looking to improve their Dutch or English language skills. Sign-up here!

June Meet & Mingle 

June 2nd

Join Expat Centre Leiden for the next Meet & Mingle in June! The event will take place at De Hollandsche Tuyn in Leiderdorp. The event is free and (some) drinks and snacks will be provided. Register to reserve your spot because space is limited.

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Webinar: How to Find the Most Suitable School in the Leiden Area

May 24th

New2NL will explain all you need to know about the Dutch education system. Including the differences in educational philosophies, preschool, secondary school, international schools, after-school care, and more!

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Escape the City - Leiden Mini Retreat 

May 28th

Rooted in Calm created this retreat from our desire to bring you a one-day experience that is convenient and accessible in location and content. Learn more and sign-up here!

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Museum Night

May 28th and 29th

Thirteen museums will open their doors during Museum Night, giving visitors the unique opportunity to experience these locations in a different way.

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Looking for more?

Keep an eye on our events and activities agenda! We frequently provide tips and recommendations for things to do around the Leiden region. 

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