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March 2022

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Spring is just around the corner and things are starting to get back to normal again. In this edition of our expat newsletter, you can read about the upcoming municipal elections, useful information about registration at the expat centre, and find out more about Leiden as the city of science!  

Read more about the upcoming goal setting workshop, next month's Meet and Mingle event and ways to volunteer in the Leiden region during NLdoet.

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Municipal elections 2022

Read about who can vote, how to vote and check out the voting aid for internationals for the upcoming Municipal elections on the 14th, 15th and 16th of March 2022.
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Leiden European City of Science 2022 – Tear off calendar

Did you already get the unique tear-off calendar? #365days of compelling topics that are bound to spark your curiosity! You can pick one up at various locations in the region.

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Make an appointment for registration at Expat Centre Leiden

During a registration appointment at Expat Centre Leiden you will be registered with the municipality and immediately receive a Citizen Service Number (BSN).

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STAP Budget offers everyone €1000 to learn

The STAP budget allows you to receive up to €1000 to follow a course to strengthen your position in the Dutch labour market.

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Information for those affected by the Ukraine Conflict, including visa extensions for Ukraine nationals and initiatives in the Leiden Region to support Ukrainians.

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Internationals feeling at home in the Netherlands

By ACCESS - Results of a new survey generates insight into what life is like for internationals in the Netherlands.
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Smarter investing  

By Your Financials - Read about the interesting take-aways from recent client discussions with Your Financials, including: does after-tax return matter? And, can you take your investment with you?
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Podcast Hello Expat Talks  

By Hello Expat - The #3 episode of Podcast 'Hello Expat Talks' talks about buying a house in the Netherlands as an expat, working with an expat broker and more, featuring Gerda Wiegers. 
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Clearing your head is temporary

By Rooted in Calm - Learn more about bringing calm and stillness to your mind, and the importance of creating a regular practice to bring calm to your life. 
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What is your unique selling point to stand out from the crowd?  

By Blue Ninja - It really is challenging to come up with a unique idea, product or service when launching your business, how are you going to be unique enough to stand out from everyone else?

Meet & Mingle April 

April 7th

Meeting other people can be difficult – that’s why we’re organising our monthly Meet & Mingle, where you can meet other people in the Leiden region in a casual and cosy setting. 

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NLdoet: Volunteer in the Leiden Region

11-12 March

Oranje Fonds, together with thousands of social organisations in the Netherlands, organises NLdoet– the largest volunteer campaign in the country. Everyone is invited to make a difference! 

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Goal setting workshop 

March 12th 

This workshop teaches you to bring calmness in your mind and give you the tools and techniques to clarify your goals.  

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Workshop: Your career in the 2020's

March 26th 

This part informative, part interactive workshop is for anyone interested in developing their career - both job seekers and people who are already employed

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Webinar: Highly skilled migrant in the Netherlands

March 31st 

The TaxSavers will present everything about the migration process and tax matters for foreign employees and Dutch employers.

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