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February 2022

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Expat Centre Leiden’s aim is to make international employment and life in Leiden and the greater region a successful experience. By building networks and communities, we make international people feel at home and help employers with global mobility of their staff.

Providing complete support packages, we are establishing Leiden as a region for international talent. This is done in collaboration with a network of local businesses, municipalities, and other organizations.

In this February edition we cover a variety of topics, from becoming a recognised sponsor to implementing the best working from home arrangements for your employees. Don’t forget to tell your international employees about our events – the welcome to Leiden webinar is particularly useful for newcomers!

Corine van der Ceelen
Manager Expat Center Leiden

+31 71 516 6005

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What can ECL do for companies?

The ECL is not only for expats. If you or your company hires international employees, we can help! Go to the Employers section of our website and find out how we support your company and HR department.  

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Become a recognised sponsor

If you want to employ talent from abroad, it is sometimes necessary (or mandatory) to be a recognised sponsor. Recognition as a sponsor has a number of advantages.

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The Netherlands continues to rank #1 for English skills

English skills can help draw talent to the region and are important for a competitive and innovative economy. 

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Leiden European City of Science has officially launched!

Leiden is the first European city with a 365-day science festival. As a platform for knowledge, Leiden aims to connect science and society by engaging the public with the world of science.

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Monthly Expat Newsletter for your employees

Share our monthly Expat Newsletter with your staff to keep them informed about the latest news, upcoming events, and local cultural activities.

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Working from home arrangements

By RWV Advocaten - Many organisations have had staff working from home for almost two years now. Moving forward, it is important to have clear arrangements in place. For more information, watch the webinar ‘Working from home: home working agreements’.

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Positioning your company as an attractive employer

By Your Financials - Part of the effort of running a business is positioning the company as an attractive employer. For the vast majority this works fine. But there are circumstances where life takes a different turn.

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New salary requirements for highly skilled migrants

By Limes International - The salary requirements for highly skilled migrants, Intra-Corporate Transferees (ICT) and European Blue Card holders for 2022 have been announced.

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Join Blaauwberg in celebrating 25 years of knowledge

By Blaauwberg - Blaauwberg will celebrate their 25th anniversary with an English masterclass ‘Leiden and seven of its sister cities’: a comparison of Leiden with associate cities across Europe, as part of Leiden 2022: European City of Science. 

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Prepare a report that WOWS your stakeholders

By Blue Ninja - Well written and well-designed reports can be a big attraction for potential clients as well as current customers and stakeholders. Read these tips to help get your reports to WOW your stakeholders.

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Serving the international community for 35 years

By ACCESS - ACCESS is a local, volunteer managed foundation which for 35 years has been helping the international community find its way, and settle in the Netherlands.

Webinar - Welcome to Leiden

February 22nd

This free event is designed to welcome internationals to the city and provide all the information needed to make a smooth start to their stay in the Netherlands.

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The ECL events page

In Leiden there’s always something to do! Tell your employees about the regularly updated events page on our website. You can also find our own events here, such as Welcome to Leiden webinars and the monthly Meet & Mingle.

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Webinar - Highly skilled migrant in the Netherlands 

March 31st

The TaxSavers will present all immigration and Dutch tax matters that employers have to arrange when an employee moves to the Netherlands as a highly skilled migrant.

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