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December 2021

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Whether it's celebrating the Dutch tradition of Sinterklaas or visiting the tropical glasshouses at Hortus Botanicus, in this edition of the ECL newsletter we have plenty of suggestions to bring you some warmth and brightness in these winter days.

You'll also find helpful articles for expats, provided by our partners, as well as information about the latest Covid-19 measures and travelling abroad over the holidays.

Wishing you a wonderful festive season and a happy new year,

The Expat Center Leiden team

An expat's guide to Sinterklaas

Sinterklaas is a special celebration here in the Netherlands. Find out what it's all about in this article from I Am Expat.
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Latest Covid-19 restrictions 

The Dutch government announced additional  measures to slow the rate of infection. These include evening closures from 17.00 to 05.00 (except essential shops and services).
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Travel advice during Covid-19

Heading home for the holidays? Check our webpage for all you need to know about travelling to and from the Netherlands.

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Gift ideas from Christmas!

Wondering how to surprise your friends and family for Christmas? Take a look at these Dutch gift ideas by VVV Leiden. Come for a visit and get a special expat discount!

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The beginner's guide to 
freelancing in the Netherlands

By Blue Ninja - Decided to start freelancing in the Netherlands, or considering registering as one? This article sums up everything you need to know!
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New apartment developments

By De Raad Makelaars - Our partner is  developing new rental apartments: De Bloem in Rijnsburg and De Ananas in Leiden. Check out their stylish and sustainable apartments!
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Turning mortgages upside down 

By Your Financials - Many households have two incomes, but if the higher income falls away, financial worries are unavoidable. Your Financials advises how families can adjust their mortgage in such scenario.
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Divorce mediation means getting divorced together

By RWV Advocaten - It takes courage to get a divorce and it takes even more to see a mediator together. After all, you’ll need to say exactly what’s on your mind. If that sounds like too much to deal with, there is another option.
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Forgiveness is the new black - give the ultimate gift this season

By Rooted in Calm - Self-forgiveness is really hard, but it's the best gift you can give yourself this season. Find out what Allyson Kukel, the Founder of Rooted in Calm, thinks about forgiveness.

Hortus Botanicus Winter Programme

November 1st - March 31st

Even in winter, there is plenty to see in Hortus Botanicus Leiden, the oldest botanical garden in the Netherlands. Enjoy the fresh air during a walk under the monumental trees or seek warmth in the tropical glasshouses, where there is always something in bloom. 

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Housing Webinar by Expat Mortgages

December 2nd

The Housing Webinar organised by Expat Mortgages will cover the steps of buying a house in the Netherlands, including different mortgage options. There will also be time to ask your questions.

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Nostalgic Fair

December 10th - January 9th

The Nostalgic Fair will be featured as part of the Winter Wonder Weeks. This fair is a great way to experience the Christmas atmosphere of the olden days! 

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Green City Walk

December 12th

Especially for expats and international students, Meet & Greet Holland organises monthly free guided walking tours through Leiden. This way, newcomers can get to know Leiden and other Leiden residents.

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Exhibition – If Things Grow Wrong

October 15th - February 20th

We want faster, bigger, more. Is that always better, or do problems also grow unnoticed as a result? If things grow wrong, growing pains emerge in all sorts and sizes. Growth addiction is the trigger for a new exhibition in Museum De Lakenhal in Leiden. 

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Can't Get Enough?

Keep an eye on our events and activities agenda! We frequently provide tips and recommendations for things to do in the Leiden region.

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