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June 2021

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The sunny days are becoming more frequent, and that is not the only good news June brings! COVID-19 infections and hospital admissions are declining, while more and more people are receiving their vaccines. In response, last week the Government announced further relaxations of the corona measures, which means we can all go to museums, theaters and more!

To keep you updated on the latest COVID-19 measures, in this newsletter we have included the latest information on travel and vaccinations. On top of that, you can learn more about the possibilities of volunteering in the Leiden region, the opportunity to get free legal advice, and we have several webinars planned for you!  

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Meet & Mingle! 

Join our free Meet & Mingle tonight! Meet other expats online to discuss the best restaurants in Leiden, your favourite "terrasje" and more.

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Helpdesk available by video call 

Our helpdesk is available by video call to answer any questions you might have on life in the Leiden region. Book your timeslot here! 

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Welcome to Leiden webinar

Thank you to all attendees who came to our Welcome to Leiden event on May 20th! Did you miss it? Check out the recording of the event here.

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Reopening of society

Society is slowly reopening as corona cases are declining and more people receive a vaccine. Have a look at our corona page to get an update on travel possibilities and vaccinations in the Netherlands.

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Pilot Key Employee Permit in the Netherlands

The Key Employee Permit enables startups to attract and retain high potentials in their growing business. Learn more about it by following the link. 

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Free legal consultation

By RWV Advocaten Expats have the possibility to attend a free online legal consultation every last Tuesday of the month. Book your timeslot here.
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Profiling your business

By Hello Expat - Hello Expat can help entrepreneurs profile their business via social media channels and their recently introduced podcasts! Learn more about them here.
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Dealing with bad data: the pitfalls and opportunities to manage it

By Blue Ninja Data helps to inform good decisions, but what about when the data is not good?
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What motivates you as an investor? 

By Your Financials  - If you want to make your money matter more and invest in so-called ESG funds, you expect your money will be used in activities that will make the world a better place. Right? 

Online - Building Relationships with Leads and Customers   

June 8th

Join Blue Ninja as they explain how to build relationships with leads and customers by using tools and software effectively, leveraging automations and good processes! 

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Online - Migration Tax Return 

June 9th

Learn more about the Dutch tax system, the 30% ruling and more in this webinar by The TaxSavers. 

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Museums are open again! 

From 5 June onwards, museums are allowed to open their doors again. There are many to discover in the Leiden region. Follow the link to see which museum you can discover this weekend. 

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Discover Leiden from the water 

Did you know that the historic city centre of Leiden is home to no fewer than 28 kilometres of canals? Why not explore them this month!  

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Can't Get Enough?

Keep an eye on our events and activities agenda! We frequently provide tips and recommendations for things to do while social distancing.

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