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May 2021

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It's the first Thursday of the month again, which means it's time for another Expat Centre Leiden newsletter! This edition is filled with free (online) activities for you. Come and join us during our Meet & Mingle tonight, attend one of the housing events this monthor sign up for our welcome event if you're new to the Leiden region. 

On top of that, you can also read about the M-form for tax returns, volunteering at Dorpscentrum Oegstgeest, an English language TV programme by Sleutelstad TV and more!

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Meet & Mingle! 

It's time for another Meet & Mingle tonight! Meet other expats online while discussing your favourite food, things to do in the region and more!

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Welcome Event 

The ECL Welcome Event will take place on 20 May. This event is designed to welcome internationals to the city and provide all the information needed to make a smooth start to your stay. Sign up here.

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Dorpscentrum Oegstgeest

Are you living in Oegstgeest and do you want to connect with the expat community thereGo to Dorpscentrum Oegstgeest!

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Education Survey

Decisio is researching the experiences, needs and wishes of internationals regarding education in the Leiden region. Participate in their survey here.

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Hello Leiden! 

Sleutelstad TV is launching 'Hello Leiden', the very first television programme with English as the spoken language. This programme will focus on internationals who live, work or study in the Leiden area.

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How to file the M-form?

By The TaxSavers Because the M-form for tax returns is in Dutch, filing one is difficult for many expats. Read what you need to do in this article.
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H-E double L for me 

By Your Financials  - When you divorce, there are many aspects that you should handle and consider. Your estate in particular can bring along many challenges and difficulties. 
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How videos can be part of an effective business strategy

By Blue Ninja - Here are some tips to kickstart your video creation process, which can help boost your business.  
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Meet BuZz and SPARK!

By BuZz - Since April 2021, volunteer organisation iDOE is no longer active. BuZz and SPARK have taken over some of their tasks.  

Darkness Into Light

May 8th

Darkness Into Light is a yearly event to raise awareness on mental health and suicide prevention. Read how you can participate here.

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Online - Decluttering your mental junk drawer

May 11th

In this workshop, you will learn how to integrate calm in your busy life by decluttering your mind. Register by following the link!

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Online - Find your ideal job and career path in the Netherlands   

May 29th

You will learn how to present yourself and receive tips for successful job-seeking in the Netherlands in this workshop by ABROAD at YOUR BEST. Sign up here! 

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Housing events


There are many housing events organised this month. Get mortgage advice, attend a housing webinar or receive more information on renting a property by signing up for them. 

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Can't Get Enough?

Unsure what to do while indoors? Keep an eye on our events and activities agenda! We frequently provide tips and recommendations for things to do while social distancing.

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