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December 2018

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Dear readers,

Some expats will celebrate Christmas, others won't. Regardless, we hope you have a wonderful time! Lots of Winter Wonder festivities are available if you are in the Leiden region over the holidays.

Have a great winter time and a good start of the new year.

Corine van der Ceelen

6 Reasons Why You Should Stay in the Leiden Region Over Christmas Break

Christmas break - a time when most expats fly out of the Netherlands to celebrate Christmas in their "home" country, but why not stay in the Leiden region? The area has a lot to offer in the winter months, and it would be a shame for you to miss it. Here are 6 reasons why you should stay and experience Christmas and New Year's the Dutch way!

We Are Proud to Announce Our Expat Introduction

In this Expat Introduction by the Expat Centre Leiden, you will get to know the Leiden region. It’s meant for internationals who want to learn more about living and working in this region. In between, we'll throw a few questions your way to test your knowledge so far.

Expat Centre Leiden Receives a Shared Second Place in the PPS2018 Elections (Public-Private Collaboration 2018)

In the preselections the Expat Centre Leiden, a project by Economie071, already achieved a position in the top three. On the 1st of November - the winner was announced.

Expat Centre Independent Organisation

The Expat Centre Leiden will be an independent organisation from June 1st 2019 forward, states the municipality.

2019 Salary Requirements highly skilled migrants

The new salary requirements for highly skilled migrants, Intra-Corporate Transferees (ICT) and European Blue Card holders for 2019 have been announced.

To Switch Or Not To Switch?

All insurance providers have announced their premiums for 2019. Increases in premium are considerable (up to 12 € per month) but vary considerably from provider to provider.

Wim De Leeuw Appointed Member in the Order of Orange-Nassau

Wim de Leeuw became a member in the Order of Orange-Nassau, appointed by deputy mayor Yvonne van Delft. He was declared member due to his long service record and the significance of his volunteer work for Leiden in the field of well-being and sport.

Rijnlands Lyceum Wassenaar Opens International School

In September 2019, the Rijnlands Lyceum Wassenaar will open its doors to international students. The new school will be called the ‘International School Wassenaar – Rijnlands Lyceum’

Come row at student association K.S.R.V. Njord

Are you looking for the perfect day out with your colleagues, family or friends? The student rowing association in the centre of Leiden may be the perfect fit for you! 

Expat Tax Break to Be Shortened

Changes and transitional scheme of the 30% ruling explained.


On 29 March 2019, the United Kingdom (UK) will leave the European Union (EU). This exit (Brexit) has consequences for most Britons and their family members who want to continue living in the Netherlands. On this page you can read more about these consequences and what you can do now. 

Movies That Matter on Tour Leiden - The Poetess

December 10th

Monday, December 10th, "Movies That Matter on Tour Leiden" will screen the documentary "The Poetess" in the Kijkhuis. The documentary is about "Million's Poet", the Arabic version of "Idols". 

Winter Wonder Weeks

November 24th - January 6th

During wintertime Leiden is beautifully illuminated with fairy-like trees, small lights alongside the bridges, garlands in the streets and a large Christmas tree in the mid-centre. There are multiple fun and festive events taking place during the Winter Wonder Weeks.

Tell Me More…! - Stories You’ve Never Heard Before

December 14th

Theater de Generator is hosting the TELL ME MORE storytelling evenings. Get yourself mesmerised to other places, experiences and times. An evening to listen to stories you’ve never heard before.

Rotary Santa Run Leiden

December 21st

Ho-ho-ho-GO! Participate in the Rotary Santa Run Leiden to walk through the heart of Leiden with 999 other Santa's for a good cause.

Mayflower Escape Room

October 30th - December 28th

With only 60 minutes on the clock and many difficult puzzles and riddles, the Mayflower Escape Room is an exciting challenge for families, friends and colleagues. Try to leave the room within 60 minutes!

The Sixties Exhibition

September 22nd - January 20th

Exhibition in Museum Voorschoten showcasing what life was like in Voorschoten, and the world, in the 1960s. 

More activities?

Would you like to see more activities? Visit our event page! Every day we will provide the latest activities in the Leiden region relevant for non-Dutch speakers.

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